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It's About Time to Spruce Up Your Front Entry

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The seasons seem to come and go quickly. When you're selling your home, there's a lot to do. But, don't forget the curb appeal factor. Take a little time to make sure potential buyers feel welcome and look forward to previewing your home. The front photo should be appealing, inviting and invoke positive emotions with buyers.

Whether you have a formal or more casual home, there are a few things you can do to spruce up the entry.

  • Add Lighting -- make sure the exterior porch lights are working and have focus the buyers eye on the door. It may be time for new fixtures as well. Replace tired, broken, oxidized fixtures with updated fixtures that compliment your homes' architecture.

  • Front Door -- Is it time too for a new door? Is the style complimentary to the style of home? If it's metal, is it rusting at the bottom? A new door with updated windows says "Pride of Ownership." Or you can simply spruce up your existing door with cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. Consider updating the hardware on your door with modern updated finishes.

  • It's In The Details - Depending on the style of your entry, iron or wood, don't forget to put a fresh coat of paint on the trim and finishes. Take the extra time to sand down peeling paint in order to obtain a nice smooth finish. Buyers notice the details.

  • All the Right Steps - Wooden, brick, composite? Whatever the material of your steps, take the time to powerwash them, and the walkway too if it's concrete or stone. Wooden steps may need to have boards replaced and repainted or resealed. Brick and composite tend to hold on to dirt, so a good cleaning will freshen them up tremendously.

  • Add Some Color - How about container gardening. Stacks, stepped, or clusters of planters are a great way to anchor your entryway visually. Inexpensive or creative weather-proof containers can be used to plant seasonal plants and flowers which will add a pop of color. But make sure you remove dead and dying leaves and flowers to keep them looking fresh.

  • Front Porch Sitting - Do you have a large or even a wide front porch. Consider adding seating with a small table. Your front porch can act as an extension of your living area if staged properly. A cafe table with a seat for morning coffee, or how about benches and even rockers. Create a relaxing place for buyers to sit and chat about the viewing, consider their options ... make them comfortable, so they want to "call it home."

These are some big impact improvements to perk up your entry and give it just the boost it needed during your selling process.

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