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Every Photo of Your Home is Worth A Thousand Words

So, make sure they're the RIGHT thousand words!

I say this often to agents, sellers, business owners, and my network of clients and peers. The cell phone HAS a camera .... it's NOT a camera; it's a phone, and a super-computer, but not a camera. And without the proper knowledge, skill and equipment, #realestate #photos just don't stand out compared to those who use a #professional photographer. Sure, the best camera to have is the one you have with you, but they aren't all created equal.

If you hire a professional termite company, a pro roofing company, a pro plumber or electrician ... and a professional #REALTOR, why would you not insist on your agent hiring a professional photographer?

You want your home to sell .... FAST and for top dollar. Low quality photos don't get noticed. Potential buyers tune them out and move on to the next listing. It's a subliminal message. They're more interested in previewing the home online first, and making the decision as to whether it makes the cut to go see in person.

The professional photographer is an artist -- yes, even real estate photographers. We look for lighting, scenery, composition, things out of place, help with staging -- and we make sure the potty lids are shut. LOL. Seriously, composition matters.

We have a quick tip sheet on "Preparing Your Home for Photos."

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Prepare for Your Home Photos 04-29-2020
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