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That's My Job ...

When I enter a typical home for photographs, one of the first things I do is walk around to orient myself with the home and it's lay-out.

While making note of features and what's behind each door, I begin to ask owners to move or put away certain items, and make note of things I cannot move, but may need to avoid.

My job is to showcase the most desirabe features of every home, helping small rooms look larger to their full potential. With large rooms ofcourse we want to show the size, but also pay attention to composition, and special features and accents in the room so they aren't lost in the photograph. Composing lifestyle "style shots" photos make for a personal experience through the photo.

With the right composition of professional photos, the views, spaciousness of the rooms, popular features and luxurious finishes come together to make sure a potential buyer wants to take a private tour.

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