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Life's Misuderstood Connections

Art is everywhere. Stop. Look around. Take it all in. Some days the photo of the day isn't a home or a cool amenity of a home in my day to day real estate photography world. Some days it's art. Some days the photo is the #thethingsisee. Today, I had the opportunity to visit The Village Blacksmith in Gloucester VA to talk about a project. He has on display several metal art pieces. This one was interesting, so I asked "what is it, what's it called". The answer was quick ... "Life's Misunderstood Connections". I felt that. When you look at it from different perspectives it's different from every view. But, it's a perfect visual metaphor for the connections we can't explain. Thanks to George Cramer from the tour of the shop and your art! Blacksmithing fascinates me!

I have an affinity for his art ... it speaks to me, but the work and effort put into it is astounding and not gone unnoticed. He sweats over hot moulten steel to create and develop his craft and art.


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